A Simple, Easy to Deploy Ventilation Optimization System based on Gravio to help prevent the spread of Covid-19

This ventilation optimization system is based on Gravio, a versatile Edge Computing IoT Platform.

This system visualises the status of the air quality in real-time using a colored light. It is known that CO2 can be used as a measure to identify whether a room should be ventilated. Scientists have discovered that ventilation can help substantially to prevent Covid infection.

Build ventilation detection systems … and much more!

Gravio is to IoT what the Apple SDK is to Apple Apps. All you need to build make your own IoT ideas become reality. For the Ventilation Optimizer, you need the CO2 sensor, Gravio Lights and, if you want, you can use all sorts of APIs for automation. Everything comes out of the box and is ready to be used. Without programming knowledge.

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Most systems rely on some sort of cloud technology. But this ventilation optimizer is Edge based and therefore requires no network or internet connectivity. Great for ease of deployment. Great for security.

Independent of Corporate Network and Internet

Not needed to be connected to any corporate, public or mobile network. This system works completely independently.

No Data Stored Other Outside Your Premises

Any data is processed locally and sent to the light directly, without touching the cloud or the internet. Unless, of course, you explicitly request it.

Quick Deployment

Since this system doesn’t need corporate network or interent connectivity, it is quick and easy to deploy and maintain. But you can, of course, still deploy it within your network.

Flexibly Extensible

Need a different integration? Different analytics tool? Does it need to talk to another system? Easy! Gravio is a flexible and adaptable platform that is very easy to use.

Available Sensors and APIs

These are the sensors and APIs you can use. Now the creativity is yours.

Temperature Sensors

Detect the temperature in a room, for example to switch on or off the air conditioning.

Humidity Sensors

Detect humidity in rooms and trigger ventilation accordingly.

Magnet Sensors

Detect if doors or windows are open or closed.

Motion Sensors

Detect if there is a moving person in a room or not.


Make your room interactive by connecting it to buttons, for example to book the room.

Vibration Sensors

Detect if something has been moving, stopped moving or was falling on the floor.

Double Buttons

Add interactivity to your room with two buttons, for example one for on, one for off.

CO2 Sensors

Detect the levels of CO2 in a room and trigger actions depending on the levels. Used in this project

Gravio Light

Use a colorful indicator light signalise any condition. The light can change to any color. Used in this project

See how it works

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What others say

What people say about the Gravio system, upon which this application is built.

Gravio is the best solution to deploy IoT solutions with the ThinkCentre Tiny, ultra-small desktop computer. This combination could enable edge-based IoT services with a small start and easy-to-use friendly GUI.

Ryota Motojima, Product Manager, Lenovo Japan

Gravio and its sensors are a very good product to get started with IoT. It is easy to make use of sensor data such as temperature and occupancy or integrate with the cloud and AI.

Norimitsu Katsuragi, Nisseicom Ltd.

I was pleasantly surprised by how reliably Gravio can publish our waiting list queue length to our website. We will definitely continue using it even after Covid-19 has converged.

Yusuke Yamamoto, Director of Toyosu Yamamoto Ophthalmology

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Based on Gravio, the IoT Edge Platform